Therapy Options

Life can be stressful. Sometimes you need a little help. At Catalpa Health, our therapists offer compassionate and insightful counseling for a wide range of struggles, from family and relationship issues to depression, anxiety, problems at school and more.

We begin with an initial consultation to determine the best approach to your child’s therapy. From there, we may recommend one or more types of counseling: individual, family, and/or group therapy.

Individual therapy is a series of one-on-one sessions with a psychologist or certified counselor. Family therapy invites family members to participate in these therapy sessions. Group therapy involves five or more other teens/kids experiencing a similar struggle. This setting provides support and a sense that your child is not alone. Groups are led by a therapist who has experience working with teens and kids and is able to maximize the group’s benefit.

We work with children and their families to diagnose illnesses, identify the best available resources, and map out a long-term treatment plan to give our patients the tools they need for living a healthy, satisfying life.